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News/Rumors: Stuart's scene at a restuarant

The couple were meeting up with two other friends at the Hungry Cat restaurant before heading off to a Radiohead concert; Theron left Townsend and their two friends waiting 45 minutes before making an appearance.

When Theron did eventually make it to the dinner date Townsend made d**n sure she wouldn’t be arriving that late anywhere again.

A source at the restaurant told the Mirror claims that Townsend launched a vicious attack on his girlfriend for her bad behaviour.
They said: “Charlize sat teary eyed as Stuart acted like a school master, lecturing her in front of her friends – like she was a tardy student.

“Charlize kept trying to apologize, but he wouldn’t let it go, calling her rude in front of their two guests.

“Charlize was really embarrassed. She pleaded: ‘I’m so sorry I’m late, and I’m sorry you had to wait but I’m here now,’ before soothing him with kisses and caresses until he finally let up.

“He eventually gave in and said: ‘I forgive you, but don’t let it happen again.”

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So he had a slight neurotic episode. To be perfectly honest, while it sucks, it DOES happen. We also don't know if this has been an ongoing thing, and he'd finally had enough, or if he was just previously having a bad day and it all culminated into a big blowout. I've done that before, myself. Granted, I regretted it later--as he probably will, as well--but I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not all that surprised.

Still, it's nice to see something in the comm...it's been too long.
I agree. I actually was thinking the same way but didn't have time to put it in words. It's not like he's a perfect person. ;)
*waits for the "they're breaking up" rumours*

This probably just something that someone's blown out of proportion and everyone's latched onto, but even if it is true, everyone gets into fights over stupid things.

Yup and yup. :)
i don't know why but I don't belive the story. A 99% similat one was posted one some sites like 2-3 months ago. If it's true, I think sparkins_mob is right
Oh wow. I didn't see that. I bet you're right though. :)