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June 26th 2006   04:23:48 PM
Name:  Stuart Townsend

Other Comments:
Hey everybody,
Sorry it's been a while. Although, I just realized that you have to insert the letters down the bottom to post a response. A couple of months ago I posted a nice big letter and judging by the response I'm getting for not writing enough, I guess the letter never made it on the web.
It was basically how "Chaos Theory" was a nice shoot. Ryan Reynolds and Emily Mortimer were great to work with and very talented. And I think the director Marcos Siega has done something interseting with the movie. I also mentioned our solar eclipse odyssey in Turkey, but anyway time has moved on so here is where I'm at now:
These past few months have been nerve wrecking and exciting for me. As of now, I have my passion project "Battle In Seattle" fully financed!!!!!
I have two cast attached and I'm finalizing deals to get casting directors and my direcor of photography on board. In a couple of weeks the project will be officially announced and we will begin the casting process which is the truly daunting part.
If all goes well we will be shooting in mid October in Vancouver and Seattle. So keep your fingers and toes crossed because this film means more to me than anything else I have ever done.
In case anyone from Vancouver reads this we are going to need plenty of extras for crowd scenes when we come to shoot so if you want to be in the movie just look out for us in Vancouver in the fall.
The "best man" is playing on ABC family on July 9th. If you liked "shooting fish" ,it is similar in that it's the same director.
I hope you enjoy it. I think it's a really great little movie and I had a lot of fun making it. I'm bummed that it didn't get a theatrical release, but at least it's getting seen.
That's the news for now. I will try and keep in touch but just know that if all goes well I am about to get seriously busy.
Just because I don't write for a while it doesn't mean I don't appreciate all your support. It means a great deal to me.
Lot's of love
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