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News: ‘Night Stalker’ makes its return next month

Among all last season’s epic failures, none was more unsettling than ABC’s cancellation of the updated Night Stalker.

While there were certainly some problems in this new edition about the dogged journalist Kolchak (portrayed this time by Stuart Townsend) and his quest to uncover occult mysteries, ABC opted to pull the plug right after airing the first of a two-part episode designed to answer a lot questions regarding the show’s direction. So the handful of fans watching the program were left wondering what happened, particularly whether Kolchak escaped what looked like a certain death scenario.

For those who can’t wait until July 28, when Night Stalker returns on the Sci Fi Channel for a complete run of all 10 produced episodes, the DVD boxed set Night Stalker: The Complete Series (Walt Disney) is now available. It not only contains four previously unaired shows including the second part of the cliffhanger, but also has two unproduced scripts for the show penned by the team of Melissa and Joy Blake and award-winning writer Darin Morgan.

“The whole thing was I’m not trying to do what (former star) Darren McGavin did,” the show’s creator Frank Spotnitz told Zap2it.com on June 6. “The direction the show went in is so completely different.”

Perhaps it will enjoy a better fate the second time around, but at least those who enjoyed the latest edition of Night Stalker will get a chance to see it in its entirety later this summer.

-Nashville City Paper.
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